Judy Mandolf – From Court Reporter to Professional Artist

A comforting, quiet feeling emanates from much of Judy Mandolf’s work. Soft tulips spill from their vase and dance with light and shadows from a nearby window. Windy grass-covered dunes blow on the beach with sand and seaside spray under a tower of fast-moving clouds. Intricate shell patterns jump out against a background of wrinkled sand, beckoning closer inspection.

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Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn, 1995

Ai Weiwei – Giving the Finger to Authoritarian Governments Everywhere

The internationally renowned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has received an equal amount of attention for his political activism as his artwork.  Ai Weiwei works in multiple mediums creating pieces in photography, film, and occasionally as a consultant for large projects such as the Beijing National Stadium.  He is known for his firm and often highly critical stance on the Chinese Government’s lack of democracy and protection of human rights.  In 2011, Ai Weiwei was arrested in Beijing and held for over two months without any official charges resulting in an outpour of support from the international art community.

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